A Brief Overview Of The Gameplan

I decided to divide this experiment into two parts.

Part 1 is going to be a Mass Building phase. I will eat as much as I possibly can calorie wise during this first phase as long as it falls in line with my Ketogenic diet. I want to make sure my body has all the fat and protein it needs to grow. The first six weeks will be an acclimation period where I will have to give my body around six weeks to convert over to running off of ketones as much as the human body can. This will leave the process of gluconeogenesis refilling muscle glycogen so that I can continue to life heavy weight. We will see if my performance shoots through the roof at the six week mark like it has for others who have attempted this. Once you have achieved this conversion the only thing left that is using glucose for energy about 25% of the brain and the glucose is created in your body from available protein.

Part 2 is going to be ‘The Fat Loss’ phase. In this phase I am going to focus mostly on how to get six pack abs. The diet is virtually the same for both phases of the experiment except for the calorie count. The quantity and type of fat intake is the only change I will make. There are two ways to lose body fat. Option 1 is to burn it off and Option 2 is liposuction.

When it comes to losing weight, that started on January 1st. Eating a ketogenic diet will cause you to lose weight. Weight loss will continue as long as their is a calorie deficit which should be created by removing some of the fat from your diet.

So in summary, here’s what we are going to do.

First, I will get a blood test done so that we can have a health baseline. This is the second best way to tell how it’s working. The first is by how well you feel and the change that you can visibly see in your body composition. But the Blood Test gives the cold hard facts for those of us who like to see the science that explains the results. Some of us need to know WHY something works!

Then I will start tracking my food intake, workouts, blog posts about any issues, progress photos and any audio or video that relates to what I am doing.

The diet will be a Low Carb Paleo Diet. In effect it will be a Ketogenic diet due to the low carbohydrate intake. I will post a list of foods that are acceptable. The way I will be eating is not a ‘diet’ to me but the way we humans ate before we became an agricultural society. Back before Type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s and the myriad of other ailments that come from a diet largely made up of high carbohydrate intake.

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