Jan 17

Day 16

I was able to make it to the gym this morning for the first time since last Sunday. We were blessed with the appearance of the first BLIZZARD I’ve ever seen in Georgia and I’ve lived here my entire life. Lately, between my jacked up left hand the first week of the month and then the inability to get to the gym this week I’m not doing so hot on gaining any mass. So far I’ve done 2, count them, 2 workouts and both were back & bicep workouts.

I am currently sitting at 210 lbs but have jumped around 210 to 212. I believe I am holding onto some water due to the fact that I have not been drinking enough water. This causes your fat cells to retain water even though there is no fat in the cells.

So folks, drink your damn water! It will keep your body from retaining excess weight and will help keep everything working properly (especially your joints).

Jan 16

Day 16 Workout

Deadlift – 2 x 5 at 275 lbs
Bent Over Rows – 4 x 12 at 95 lbs
Pull-ups (kipping) – 4 x 8

I so need to start doing the pull-ups as dead hangs, I just don’t have the strength for it quite yet!

Jan 13

The Secret To Losing Bodyfat

One question I get asked often is “How do I lose body fat?” It’s the magical question that everyone wants to know. Unfortunately there is a ton of misinformation out there. Many people say it all comes down to how much you eat and nothing else. Others say it all comes down to what you eat and that calories don’t matter. While both of these play a part in the process they are not the part that give you the control.

Most people try to cut calories because this is the most prescribed to method that so many weight loss program focus on. They sell you their prepackaged meals and assign points to each meal. They have cards, software, phone call support, an exercise routine that you are unable to perform or even some juice that you should drink all the time to survive on until you reach the size you want to be or die before you get there from malnutrition. The problem with cutting calories is that you are trying to starve yourself and everything in your body is screaming that you need food.

If you are overweight and you are hungry, you have a problem with the hormone Leptin. Leptin is the hormone that is created by fat cells to tell the brain that you are not hungry.

“Well Scott, if I’m obese then why isn’t my brain getting the signal you know-it-all jackwad?”

The answer is because your Leptin is being blocked from delivering its message to the brain. You eat, you get full or your body has all it needs energy wise and you are still hungry! Have you ever noticed that you can drink an entire 2 liter of your favorite sugar filled soda but 2 chicken breast would make you feel like you were forcing the food down your throat?

So, is the secret to fat loss Leptin??? NOPE! Leptin is NOT the part that makes you feel like you have your hands on the steering wheel. It is a piece of the puzzle that you will gain control over when you learn the Secret to Fat Loss!

Obesity has become almost a social norm in the United States. Everyone talks about it, the news interviews experts about it nightly, book stores have entire racks of books and magazines and there are 1000 different companies with weight loss plan they are willing to give you if you buy there products and eat only what they sell to you! BUT NO ONE SEEMS TO BE ABLE TO GIVE YOU THE STRAIGHT UP INFORMATION YOU NEED TO STOP IT!

Hate to be the jerk that breaks the news to you but there’s a lot of money to be made off of fat people! Fat people are going to eat more food, which means more food sales. Fat people tend to live in an unhealthy condition for a longer period of time which means there’s more money for doctors, pharmaceutical companies and any other company that makes life easier for people that are overweight. Diet companies and books make money teaching you how to lose weight and then not telling you how to keep it off so next January your back to trying to lose weight again.

OK, enough of my soapbox! Let’s get to the secret that will make losing weight and keeping it off easy.

The secret ingredient to controlling your weight is INSULIN!

But Scott, I’m not a diabetic and I don’t like needles!!! If you are overweight and you aren’t a type 2 diabetic, just wait your time is coming! Or you can eat the way I do and get rid of the type 2 diabetes and get a six pack with no more than 30 minutes a day of exercise.

But Scott, I bought this exercise program and hired a trainer to help me lose weight. I work out two hours a day to stay thin! Hate to tell you but you are making your weight gain worse and still don’t know how to lose weight and if your trainer is telling you that the workout is the biggest factor to weight loss then HE’S LYING OR DOESN’T KNOW WHAT HE’S DOING!!!!!!!

Let’s look at the math. I can avoid eating 500 calories a day and lose 1 pound of bodyfat in a week (500 cal x 7 days = 3500 calories = 1 Lb.) or I can do 90 minutes of aerobics and lose 450 calories. I think I’d rather skip the 500 calories of food and focus on a workout that takes 20 minutes to get the job done. The other problem is that you can have a 3500 calorie deficit in a week and still gain weight!

How do I control my insulin to lose body fat?

It’s easy, get rid of every food that is boxed or processed. Do not eat grains or fruits and keep your carbohydrate intake to less than 50g a day. Here’s the rub, all the food around you is filled with grains, sugars, starches or just carbohydrates in general. Eat meat, chicken or fish at each meal and also eat a few complex carbohydrate vegetables with it. This will keep your insulin level in the dirt and will prevent you from storing new body fat. It will also put you into a state called Ketosis and will cause your body to use all that extra body fat as its primary fuel source.

This is the part where people freak out and say “OMG! I’ll die if I don’t eat carbohydrates! I read it in the newspaper somewhere about people dying from this!”

OK, thanks for the false propaganda bullshit drama freak out and if you want to be a logical person from this point forward please base your belief on the science and get a blood test and try it for yourself because I’m just so damn sick of the vegetarians and their BS propaganda. Please don’t be a person who are easily convinced without ever testing it for themselves, we have enough of those around!

I even love that people think eating whole grains is healthy!! Here’s a question for you grain lovers out there, if a farmer wants to fatten up a cow, what does he feed them? grains maybe???

In a later article I will go into detail about controlling insulin!

Jan 07

The Blood Profile

Getting a few blood tests is a good way to see what’s going on under the hood when you are making modifications to your lifestyle and diet. A basic full blood panel that doctors use to check your cholesterol, LDL, HDL and a few other factors can let you know if what you are doing is helping or hurting.

I had a blood profile run in December and will get another one at the end of March.

The results were not considered spectacular by doctors!

Cholesterol: 290 High
HDL 40 Average (Should be higher)
LDL 192 High
Triglycerides 291 High (This is a sign of WAY TOO MUCH SUGAR!)

My fasted glucose level was 90 so I don’t have to worry about diabetes!

My LDL to HDL ratio is awful at 7.3. I expect it to get close to 3.5 to 4 at the end of this. Let’s see if that happens!

Jan 05

Day 5 – Adjusting to Ketosis

With the new year started work would not wait for me to get there and get to work. All of the forgotten items that waited since I left for vacation were screaming for my attention. My first day back on Monday was a nice little 18 hour day.

Working an 18 hour day is great when you decide not to eat until you are deep enough into ketosis. Your able to focus on what needs to be done without any interruptions!

At midnight on January 1st I weighed myself with my trusty digital scale and it had me pegged at 222 lbs. As of Tuesday I was down to 215 lbs. I’m sure my scale is off by two pounds so we will find out once I have my hydrostatic body fat test done. ***WARNING! WARNING *** The problem with ketosis is the initial entry into it has a diuretic effect and its about as pleasant and convenient as diarrhea!

I’m tracking my food on fatsecret.com but have not yet received all of my supplements. I’ll definitely have to post more later in the week and get my photos up but right now I need to get some sleep!

Jan 01

Gaining Mass

For years I asked the same question and always seemed to receive different answers. What I did find out through experience was most of the answer but not to the specifics I really wanted.

I finally got smart and realized that I needed to look at the science. Looking at the science is an exercise that is complicated in its own right. You have to look at the definitions of what researchers use in their writings. To some researchers eating 30% carbs in your diet is considered low-carb (In what universe??). Every time the science seemed to contradict a ton of other studies there was always a dispute in definitions that were poorly used to create a bit of drama in the news.

Rep Tables

1-6 reps = Strength – This rep range focuses most of the muscular change on the neurological system of the muscle. Over time this rep range will cause  an increased amount of muscle fibers  being recruited for heavy lifting. The longer you lift in this range the more of the muscle is used to life. This is a very valuable developmental step that beginners should start with.

7-12 reps = Maximize muscle growth – This increases the size of the muscle but may necessarily increase strength. The change to the muscle is mostly cellular and metabolic. Increases in strength are minimal compared to the lower rep ranges.

13+ reps = Endurance – This range increases the mitochondrial health of your cells and can increase the number of capillaries in the muscle. This gives you increased endurance in the muscle with very little hypertrophy or strength gain. This does increase the number of mitochondria in the cell which will increase the size of the cell but will not lead to large hypertrophy gains.

The best workout plans for overall health includes working out in all three ranges but for the point of our experiment we will be focusing on HYPERTROPHY!

Which means my workouts will mostly consist of 3 sets of 10 reps at 75% of my 1 Rep Max

Dec 03

A Brief Overview Of The Gameplan

I decided to divide this experiment into two parts.

Part 1 is going to be a Mass Building phase. I will eat as much as I possibly can calorie wise during this first phase as long as it falls in line with my Ketogenic diet. I want to make sure my body has all the fat and protein it needs to grow. The first six weeks will be an acclimation period where I will have to give my body around six weeks to convert over to running off of ketones as much as the human body can. This will leave the process of gluconeogenesis refilling muscle glycogen so that I can continue to life heavy weight. We will see if my performance shoots through the roof at the six week mark like it has for others who have attempted this. Once you have achieved this conversion the only thing left that is using glucose for energy about 25% of the brain and the glucose is created in your body from available protein.

Part 2 is going to be ‘The Fat Loss’ phase. In this phase I am going to focus mostly on how to get six pack abs. The diet is virtually the same for both phases of the experiment except for the calorie count. The quantity and type of fat intake is the only change I will make. There are two ways to lose body fat. Option 1 is to burn it off and Option 2 is liposuction.

When it comes to losing weight, that started on January 1st. Eating a ketogenic diet will cause you to lose weight. Weight loss will continue as long as their is a calorie deficit which should be created by removing some of the fat from your diet.

So in summary, here’s what we are going to do.

First, I will get a blood test done so that we can have a health baseline. This is the second best way to tell how it’s working. The first is by how well you feel and the change that you can visibly see in your body composition. But the Blood Test gives the cold hard facts for those of us who like to see the science that explains the results. Some of us need to know WHY something works!

Then I will start tracking my food intake, workouts, blog posts about any issues, progress photos and any audio or video that relates to what I am doing.

The diet will be a Low Carb Paleo Diet. In effect it will be a Ketogenic diet due to the low carbohydrate intake. I will post a list of foods that are acceptable. The way I will be eating is not a ‘diet’ to me but the way we humans ate before we became an agricultural society. Back before Type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s and the myriad of other ailments that come from a diet largely made up of high carbohydrate intake.