Mar 14

Ketogenic Diet Blood Test

I spent 64 straight days in Ketosis and expected to have my total blood profile improve. All the science I’ve read said it would but none of the science could tell me exactly how much of an improvement I would have since only I get to decide what I will eat on a daily basis. So here’s the results!


Total Cholesterol     290 –> 254

Triglycerides     291 –> 123

LDL-Cholesterol     192 –> 189

Cholesterol/HDLC Ratio     7.3 –> 6.4

Glucose     90 –> 84

ALT     62 –> 18


While this information is good news I did expect a more drastic improvement in my HDLC Ratio. On the second test my liver enzymes were all normal so the improvement is across the board!!! All this by eating a bunch of BACON!!!


Any health nerds out there find any science on the fastest methods to lower LDL ratio’s?

Feb 07

Day 37 of Ketogenic Diet

The biggest problem I’ve had is one we all deal with…Not enough time. I have only worked out two days a week for the last month every week except for one. This is definitely limiting my mass gain results and my fat loss results. While the results are slower than I hoped for I have only put in two days a week instead of the three I should be. As for my eating, I have been dead on the whole time. So here’s a flexed look of my back. Definition is slowly rearing its sneaky little head!

Beginning of January

February 6th