Curing Lactose Intolerance

I always wondered why some people could handle dairy and others couldn’t. I even remember a friend explaining to me that as he got older there were certain foods that he could no longer tolerate in his diet. I never really looked into the problem or thought much about it except to chalk it up to a weaker digestive system that no longer functioned as efficiently as it use to. The part of the equation that I didn’t know about was all of us are unable to break down lactose. It turns out that if you are unable to to break down lactose and are lactose intolerant it is because you are missing the correct bacteria in your gut that breaks it down. This is the same with a myriad of other foods and will affect all of us as we get older.

So how do we combat this problem and set it straight? It’s actually a very simple remedy. Turns out that there are 150 different forms of bacteria in our intestines that number in the trillions. Our gut health is directly connected to our brain and vice versa. Our intestines are even referred to as the second brain because of the direct link to our mental health. When we kill off, through diet or antibiotics, the different bacteria that breaks down things like Lactose we become intolerant. We are no longer able to process them and this can affect not just how well we are able to assimilate food but also our emotional and mental well being.

So the magic fix for Lactose Intolerance is to eat probiotic yogurt for about two or three weeks and your Lactose Intolerance problem is over for a while. This problem is common after children being prescribed antibiotics. As it turns out, all of the sterilization of food and surfaces in our modern day society actually cause us to lose access to some of the bacteria that humans use to get through contact with their food and other people. So take a shower but try not to be a freak about it!

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