Day 16

I was able to make it to the gym this morning for the first time since last Sunday. We were blessed with the appearance of the first BLIZZARD I’ve ever seen in Georgia and I’ve lived here my entire life. Lately, between my jacked up left hand the first week of the month and then the inability to get to the gym this week I’m not doing so hot on gaining any mass. So far I’ve done 2, count them, 2 workouts and both were back & bicep workouts.

I am currently sitting at 210 lbs but have jumped around 210 to 212. I believe I am holding onto some water due to the fact that I have not been drinking enough water. This causes your fat cells to retain water even though there is no fat in the cells.

So folks, drink your damn water! It will keep your body from retaining excess weight and will help keep everything working properly (especially your joints).

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