Day 5 – Adjusting to Ketosis

With the new year started work would not wait for me to get there and get to work. All of the forgotten items that waited since I left for vacation were screaming for my attention. My first day back on Monday was a nice little 18 hour day.

Working an 18 hour day is great when you decide not to eat until you are deep enough into ketosis. Your able to focus on what needs to be done without any interruptions!

At midnight on January 1st I weighed myself with my trusty digital scale and it had me pegged at 222 lbs. As of Tuesday I was down to 215 lbs. I’m sure my scale is off by two pounds so we will find out once I have my hydrostatic body fat test done. ***WARNING! WARNING *** The problem with ketosis is the initial entry into it has a diuretic effect and its about as pleasant and convenient as diarrhea!

I’m tracking my food on but have not yet received all of my supplements. I’ll definitely have to post more later in the week and get my photos up but right now I need to get some sleep!

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