Eating right all the time SUCKS!

I’ll be the first to admit that following a STRICT diet for 2  1/2 months without a single cheat is mentally difficult. Physically it is easy and you feel great especially with the steady energy level and sometimes almost too much energy. The most difficult part of it overall is the inflexibility, constant attention and planning that is required. I DO NOT advocate a NO CARB or very low carb diet unless it is being used for a period of time accomplish a goal. If you are a Type 2 diabetic, obese, high blood pressure, cancer, epileptic, or any of the myriad of common diseases that have run rampant ever since our society began to subscribe to a low fat diet.

If you exercise with weights or do any High Intensity workout like Crossfit, you should have enough carbohydrates to fuel that type of work if you intend to do it on a consistent basis. If you want to get cut and build muscle at the same time, a Cyclical Ketogenic Diet is your best bet and gives you plenty of flexibility. If you Crossfit often I recommend that you try a Targeted Ketogenic diet and intake some carbohydrates right before and immediately after your workout.

In the end the important component you need to discover about yourself is your carbohydrate tolerance level. At what point does you insulin rise enough to start storing bodyfat. Once you have figured out what level of carbs affects your insulin then you are able to command and control how lean or heavy you are.

I’ve spent the last two months eating the way I ate before I learned all of this information. In the process I gained back the weight I lost. I, like everyone else out there, just reached an activity level with live and work that just seemed to absorb all the time and mental energy I had left. It’s still not really over but summer is here and it’s time to lean up. I’m perfectly happy to admit that my resolve at the moment is weak because sometimes you just want to sit and relax and sometimes you just want a damn donut!! My fist two and a half months was to see what would happen to my blood test without a single cheat. The limits of the diet without being able to ever cheat made life difficult when the wife wanted to go out for chinese or a friend at work wanted to go to Taco Bell.

So let’s eat right 80% of the time, get our workouts in, get our six packs and still be able to sneak in a donut once in a while!

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