Fighting Temptation on your Diet

Most people who want to lose weight and get in shape view the idea of having a six pack as a fantasy and a thing that is very unlikely to ever happen. Yet it is an attainable goal not just for men but for women also, and it’s damn sexy on a woman!!!

If you are at 30% body fat or less than you need to start now if you want to have that six pack ready for display by the time the pools open up.


Today I made a trip to the grocery store to load up on the things I need to make a low carb paleo soup that I can eat over the next couple of days because If I don’t make it easy to get the best option of food then I will quickly swing by somewhere more convenient on the way home. I hate to cook. My natural inclination is to swing by Chipotle, Moes or even Wendy’s for a Triple Baconator.


I discovered after the first time I did a ketogenic diet for several months that food quality was very important because of the nutritional content. While stopping by Moes or Chipotle may not be a mad option at all, stopping by a Wendy’s and eating meat that is made from corn fed beef, pre-cooked in trans fats and then warmed up later to serve.


Sticking to a healthy way of eating is not easy these days with the way everything is shoved in your face at almost every minute your awake. If you sit to watch some tv and try to chill out every shiny brand and flavor of donut, ice cream, candy or dietary indulgence will take up 2 of the three ad shown during a commercial break.


To combat the constant temptations to break ranks and start a binge of sugar covered bread with a mountain dew to wash it down I have to make sure that at home and work I have convenient options available when my old addiction sends me into a manic state. Here’s some of the things I keep easily available:

  1. Sugar free Jello
  2. BACON
  3. Vienna Sausages
  4. Smart Water bottles
  5. beef jerky
  6. Water flavoring
  7. Keto Ice Cream
  8. Really good pot of soup in the fridge
Make it easy to stay on task and it will make you feel focused and in control. If you have any other options that can be used that are convenient please let us know so we can add it to the list.



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