How To Control Your Hunger – Part 1

During the first week that I had reached my limit on all the different diet propaganda and I been spoon fed for the last 20 years, I began to study biochemistry in an attempt to finally get to the truth. One of the first things I learned was how diet was controlled by insulin and leptin. There are other factors that cause our hunger levels to go through the roof that are found in our bodies and in our food.

The first appetite stimulant we’ll talk about is one that is found in our food supply, namely in wheat is Gliadin. Gliadin is a protein  that makes up part of Gluten and is the part that is responsible for gluten sensitivity in people who are prone to celiac disease.

People with celiac disease are often diagnosed by running a test that looks for Gliadin antibodies. Being related to a person who is disabled from celiac’s disease I have been surrounded by the information and effect of it for my entire life and had always thought that it was a rare condition until I got older. Just in the last two years I have run into a large number of people that are affected by this disease. I do not think that celiac’s disease is on the rise as much as I think that the food we are eating is causing it to occur by wearing down the immunity of the population. I believe in the future we will see a dramatic rise in celiac’s disease with the continuing increase of wheat products and the governments effort to pimp for the wheat industry.

So let’s talk about the effect Gliadin has on hunger.  Dr Davis, the author of the new book Wheat Belly conducted a study and found that Gliadin increased the average amount of calories consumed in a day by 400 calories. Over a month this would amount to 12,000 calories which is the equivalent of almost 4 lbs. If you want to lose weight and not eat anything that would affect the natural set point start by leaving any type of wheat products out of your diet and you’ll naturally eat less without feeling like stealing food out of the breakroom fridge!

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