Ketogenic Diet, Lack of Sleep and Insulin Resistance

Yesterday I went to work like I would do any normal day and ended up staying there for 27 hours. Thank God this is not the norm but it does occasional happen to those of us in the IT field. As of this writing I have been in ketosis for 35 straight days with no carb up days. Up until now I have made no effort to lose weight but to just try and get to the gym and get my workouts in. I have only succeeded at that about 50% of the time. I have been so busy with work that I have been missing sleep and not doing all the things that are necessary for growing muscle mass. The most important thing I have not done well is getting enough sleep. I am severely sleep deprived. I never sleep that much because of my severe type A personality.

Now after the 27 hour at work marathon I have realized that I need to put the big stiff arm on the number of things I am handling simultaneously at work as my job is not just spilling into my personal time but now even my sleep. Piece of advice folks, If you do not manage your own life everyone else will do it for you and in the end you’ll end up exhausted and never have spent enough time on yourself and your own interests.

One major thing I did notice was that the more sleep I missed the worse my sugar cravings would get. At 4:30 in the morning the Mountain Dew in the coke machine was calling out to me. Needing the caffeine to continue working I went ahead with a Diet Mt Dew instead. I REALLY was craving sugar in a major way.

So if you are on a Ketogenic or VLCD (Very Low Carb Diet) then make sure to get plenty of sleep to keep the sugar cravings away. What the mechanism is for this I am not sure but I do know that when you get exhausted and tired the body will scream for quick simple energy of every sort that it might be able to get you to consume.

Lack of sleep can cause what resembles insulin resistance in the body, increase cortisol and cause a general fatigue throughout the entire day. But Scott, how do I know if I’m getting enough sleep? Simple, if you use an alarm clock then you are sleep deprived! Get rid of any light source in your room, cover up the windows and cover your alarm clock light. It will help you sleep better!

Getting the proper amount of rest is as important as your diet. A lack of sleep can cause an increase in cortisol which can cause you to hold onto weight around the midsection and just do horrible things to you when your cortisol levels can get too high. Trust me, I almost lost sight in one eye due to cortisol overload. Took three months for my vision to return in the affected eye and my vision in that eye has never fully healed! Get some sleep folks! It is just as important as what you eat!

And now a little science article to chew on! Click Here

2 thoughts on “Ketogenic Diet, Lack of Sleep and Insulin Resistance

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  2. “But Scott, how do I know if I’m getting enough sleep? Simple, if you use an alarm clock then you are sleep deprived!”

    I generally work 12 hours per day on an off shift. I get 7-8 hours of sleep per day. My energy level is phenominal while on this diet. I don’t get cravings like I used to or feel the addiction to food (carbs) that I used to, but I have to say that without an alarm clock, I’d be late quite often to work. My internal clock isn’t disciplined enough to rely upon. The diet works though. No doubt about it.

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