Ketogenic Diet being tested as a Cancer Treatment

I always find it funny that we have the most advanced medical system ever known to man but it seems that we have become too smart for our own good. Ketogenic diets are used in other countries around the world to treat almost all cancers. They even test for the presence of many cancers with the use of a sugar solution and a PET scan. The problem here is that our system has become so compartmentalized that doctors cannot see the whole picture due to looking so closely at one particular thing. They are looking so close they are unable to see the whole picture. Not to mention the amount of time they spend seeing patients leave them very little time to spend on basic biochemistry. Most doctors still believe ketosis is dangerous and a sign of starvation!

That is why it brings me nothing but joy to see this study being performed. In the many countries where they help treat cancers with a ketogenic diet they have figured out that if you starve the cancer it will shrink if not eliminate the cancer. You effectively starve the bastard out. One of the problems that they have run into though is the fact that the body will produce glycogen for the cancerous cells and needed a way to lower the amount of glycogen even further then they were on a ketogenic diet.

The perfect fix for this is Metformin! Metformin helps limit the amount of gluconeogenesis (production of glucose from non-carbohydrate sources). It does other things and is often used for Type 2 diabetics. The interesting part about this is how I used it with a friend to help get rid of his Type 2 diabetes. So this combination of diet and medication helps eliminate Type 2 diabetes and starves cancer cells in the body.

Here’s a link to the abstract of the study for reference –> HERE!

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