Less Sugar = More kids!

I found this interview of an Endocrinologist that treats Infertility to go right along with the science I have been reading about lately from several studies.

Seems that women that were involved in Low Carb diet studies that had problems with fertility and PCOS were suddenly coming up pregnant. Many can chalk this up to improved health due to strictly weight loss but the science does not back up the hypothesis. It seems that the high insulin level combined with being overweight or obese shows signs of total overall metabolic derangement which is causing a testosterone level too high in women. The hormonal imbalance of testosterone along with the increased insulin renders about 30-35% of the American population infertile. The Doctor talks in the video about how the number of women who would have to resort to in vitro fertilization went down dramatically after the introduction of a low carb high fat diet into the treatment practices of the clinic.

The place I currently work at is right next door to a fertility clinic and I can attest that there is no shortage of people who are trying to get pregnant but do not seem to be able to. If you suffer from pcos unexplained infertility or are a man with male infertility try a very low carb/Ketogenic diet for several months. I promise you will find it cheaper and less mentally taxing than In Vitro Fertilization. The insulin imbalance can cause male infertility.

The other point the Endocrinologist made was that the clinic recommends saturated fat as the primary source of fat for human beings. With all of the demonization of saturated fats by companies that want to sell us items like Crisco and every other kind of unnaturally processed type of fat there is still not one shred of scientific evidence linking saturated fats to heart disease. So with this news and the fact that I have 4 kids in my home I’ve decided that from this point forward I will be an entertainer and not a producer!!!

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