New Years Resolutions and other things we don’t follow through on!

New Years Resolutions are always the butt of any joke on things not followed through on by most people. While everyone has good intentions and desires to accomplish their goals the deep desire to attain them is always the part where all all of us fall short. We are usually unclear on what we really want and what we are willing to give up to attain the goals. To attain your goals you must always be willing to sacrifice what you currently are for what you want to be and that is never truer than in the gym!

The inconvenience of life changes to diet, sleep, money, relationships and the limitless other things we can change in our lives always cause us to lose the motivation we start out with. Many times in life I would try to change too much at one time. Not only was this inconvenient because I did not have time to adapt my life to my new way of living but usually just would not jive with work and family.

So my challenge to all of you for the new year is to pick 1 thing that is of utmost importance to change and focus on.  Get a dry erase marker and write it on your mirror so that it is on your mind before you leave the house each day. Pick one thing that will change you, your life or just the way you think. Stretch to achieve one thing that is currently outside of your current comfort zone and understand that if someone else has accomplished it then so can you! Find that one thing that is so compelling that it makes you get out of bed in the morning. Find that one thing that you enjoy doing and could do everyday for the rest of your life. Find that one thing that gives your life meaning and focus this year on becoming the best at it!

If you don’t know what that is then watch the video at the top

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