Should there be a Workout/Diet Information Podcast?

After looking through iTunes and searching the web for a fitness based podcast, I have found a few that are of note. My top two are definitely Robb Wolf and then Jimmy Moore’s ‘Livin La Vida Low Carb’. These two are diet based shows that almost never talk about working out outside of the context of diet. Robb Wolf’s show definitely touches on the workout aspect but doesn’t really focus on it enough. There seems to be a void of good workout/diet radio shows that do not focus on one author’s dietary recommendations and exercise information.

So here’s the magic question. Should I start a Workout/Diet Podcast that provides information and interviews?

4 thoughts on “Should there be a Workout/Diet Information Podcast?

  1. One more thing I forgot to mention. Kettlebells combine cardio and strenth training in one workout. Depending on the size and weight of the bell you choose to use, you can focus on more cardio or more strength training. Also, I think you SHOULD start an exercise podcast! 🙂

  2. Hi Scott,

    Site looks good. I am a Personal Trainer from Los Angeles, CA and have been trying to start a podcast specific to Fitness around the Paleo/Low Carb scene. All of my clients lose weight fast and effectively when they combine heavy resistance training with my interpretation of the Paleo Diet. Check out my site and email me at if you are interested in teaming up.


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