Storing Fat while in Ketosis

When I first began looking into Biochemistry to try and figure out once and for all what the truth was about losing body fat and growing muscle, my initial introduction to the state of ketosis led me to believe that the body did not store fat while being in ketosis.

A ketogenic diet is viewed by most medical professionals as a state of starvation or a starvation diet. The majority of medical doctors do not study how you can thrive while being on a ketogenic diet. This makes it harder to find the information on some of these things at time and I finally was able to answer the question that had been nagging at me for months.

If your insulin is in the dirt and you are on a ketogenic diet, is the body able to store body fat?

To put it simply, YES!

I’m the type of guy that if I am told I can eat anything I want I will eat until I run out of food.

For me to lean out I need to count calories once I hit 12% body fat if I want to go any lower.

Then there’s the whole body weight set point or stalling issue that I will talk about in a week or two!

So how does the body store fat while in ketosis. It does it with the use of acylation-stimulating protein which I will call ASP from now on. ASP stores fat without the use of insulin. If you eat more than your body needs then ASP is used to store the unneeded fat even while your insulin level is in the dirt. The human body operates with the goal of survival and if you give it unneeded calories it will attempt to hold onto them for later use. The benefit of a low-carb/ketogenic diet is it’s ability to lower insulin, increase leptin sensitivity which causes better management of your hunger levels. This system works great with lower insulin until you get pretty lean. That’s when the body tells you to eat more due to lowered leptin levels.

What is the problem with a high carb diet for most people? They get hungry! They begin to obsess about food because the insulin interferes with leptin signalling so they get REALLY hungry. Then they binge! And the high insulin levels increase ASP three fold in the body making you more likely to store any fat consumed as body fat.

This is the point where I have to disagree with Gary Taubes, calories do matter! They are not the end all be all for weight management though. If you do not have an energy deficit then you will not lose weight. A low carb or ketogenic diet decreases hunger level which in turn causes you to eat less. Your body does not signal that you are hungry because there is sufficient body fat pumping out leptin and being used for energy.

While I do not propose people count calories, if you want to lean out then calories is where you’ll need to look if you are not obese. Eating a low carb or ketogenic diet is a good way to gain control over your hunger level while also keeping the primary fat storage hormones low.

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    • That first article is absolute, unadulterated nonsense and is in complete contrast to everything we know about the human body and physiology.

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  3. I think you are spot on since I’ve been living this. I pretty much eat a ketogenic diet and lost inches off my body, however lately it’s creeping back on and I’m pretty sure I can attribute it to just an increase of “good” foods. I tell myself I can eat this large steak, with the fat, cuz the diet tells me so, but really only need to consume half of it. If I’m eating the same amount as my 6’6″ husband I’m probably eating too much.

  4. I succeeded going into nutritional ketosis full time for nearly two months now off and on since Jan. My average ketones run around 0.8 to 1.4 with the occasional through the roof 3+ ketone bell ringing level. I have maintained my weight at this time but eating a lot of fat does cause me a great deal of concern. So I do best with one meal per day because its hard to fit protein, a medium salad and fat all in one meal so I eat protein for an afternoon snack sometimes. Again I do best on one meal per day. I do drink my version of bulletproof coffee through the day and that packs a lot of calories as well. What I have in hard science right now is that back in Jan I was 20.6% in body fat and today I am 15.9 % body fat. That is solid decrease in body fat. At the same time the measurements indicate my Skeletal Muscle percentage changed from 35.1 to 38 percent today. Again that is a solid muscle gain and at the same time my waist went from a 36 down to a solid 34 in waist. So folks there is a lot more going on here than meets the eye. This is what I find missing from this conversation. My weight was 156 lbs. and today it read 157 lbs.
    This is the magic of FAT burning! This is what I suggest you guys need to do in order to understand what is going on with your bodies. Also folks you don’t mention exercise and exercise I suspect is the hammer and chisel behind the scene which produces the results like these. The LCHF ketogenic diet with daily exercise will re-proportion your body in a way that will absolutely astound you. Especially when you see it happening with your own eyes over time. I was shocked recently when I compared the readings then and now.. wow! Cheers, God Bless…

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