The Blood Profile

Getting a few blood tests is a good way to see what’s going on under the hood when you are making modifications to your lifestyle and diet. A basic full blood panel that doctors use to check your cholesterol, LDL, HDL and a few other factors can let you know if what you are doing is helping or hurting.

I had a blood profile run in December and will get another one at the end of March.

The results were not considered spectacular by doctors!

Cholesterol: 290 High
HDL 40 Average (Should be higher)
LDL 192 High
Triglycerides 291 High (This is a sign of WAY TOO MUCH SUGAR!)

My fasted glucose level was 90 so I don’t have to worry about diabetes!

My LDL to HDL ratio is awful at 7.3. I expect it to get close to 3.5 to 4 at the end of this. Let’s see if that happens!

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