Why We Get Fat 1 of 7

In the last couple of years there was a researcher by the name of Dr Robert Lustig who gave a 2 hour talk to a room of approximately 200 of his peers. The speech on Fructose was not meant or intended to be presented for the average layman. That did not stop it from becoming one of the most informative talks on dietary consumption of sugar and diet that the average layman could wrap their heads around. The title was “Sugar: The Bitter Truth”. I posted it on this website over a year ago and it had already gone viral with a couple million hits.

Dr Lustig and other researchers at the University of California have begun a new set of 7 informational videos called “The Skinny on Obesity”. I will be providing a link to the entire series here on FitnessLowDown because I believe this guy is one of the smartest minds on the topic of obesity currently. The misinformation out there is so rampant that the only way you can get through all the bullshit is to find the right sources of information that use science, not profit, to make their conclusions.


In the series he talks about the hormone Leptin. Leptin is produced by your fat cells and regulates your appetite. When you have enough fat stored your hunger level should drop and your desire to eat should be curtailed until your Leptin level decreases. For most people this no longer happens the way it is suppose to. People get overweight and continue eating and also continue to be hungry. This is the mechanism that drives our modern day epidemic of obesity. for those that are not obese it is good to learn this information because it helps to give you the tools and understanding you need to learn to control your bodyweight and lean out making others think you are a magician.

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